Perennial plot ideas?


Eight Pointer
There may be a few changes in land use where I hunt that may result in a 2.5 acre plot being available for food plots instead of ag.

I was thinking of seeding clover & chicory over the whole area, then interspersing some sweet potatoes & corn in strips at fairly wide intervals.

Any other ideas?

Soybeans get grazed to the ground immediately after emergence in this spot, so they are not an option due to their expense & the limited time they are available for grazing.


Ten Pointer
Clover and chicory would be my favorites in your situation. I might also go over it 90-120 days before Halloween and plant some pumpkins. They grow through the competition pretty well and the deer in my neighborhood ate one of mine off of the porch.

sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
With our summers, I prefer annual plots. Small grains and clovers will reseed or jump back in the spring and give a good spring plot then die out in summer.

For a perennial plot, get a good stand of clover established in the fall and maintain it well. Appropriate lime, low-nitrogen fertilizer in the spring, and spraying and/or mowing as necessary for grasses and broadleaf weeds during spring and summer.