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Pastor Visitation at Hospital

dc bigdaddy

Old Mossy Horns
As a ordained Pastor, my question to the OP would be “why is it so important to you that the Pastor visit you instead of a deacon
I didn’t think that I made it sound so important that the pastor went, I was asking a question if it was normal.

I’m just used to the preacher showing up.

dc bigdaddy

Old Mossy Horns
My wife's uncle passed away last night. As you can see that's been over 15 months ago. He never stood on his own and you couldn't hold a conversation with him. I am sure he is in a better place today. That was no way to spend the last year of your life. I talked to him a month prior to his stoke and he had just turned 80 and was doing well. We were not really close, but he was the one I would talk the most to at family gatherings. He could do anything that he put his mind to. He was a engineer from GA Tech and retired from Dupont. He will be missed.
RIP John


Old Mossy Horns
Sorry for you loss, Bigdaddy.
As far as the pastor visitation, here is something that actually occurred at my previous church.
We had a member get mad and quit the church because "the pastor didn't visit" their loved one in the hospital.
Then, the question was asked: "Did anyone call the pastor and let him know your loved one was in the hospital?"

Pastors AIN'T clairvoyant!

In a very large church, it would probably be a full time job for a single pastor to do all needed visitations. It should be set up to where deacons or elders ,etc. are assigned to multiple families to help out on such occasions.


Six Pointer
I had never seen this thread until yesterday. After reading this post about the responsibilities of pastors and all the viewpoints of what they are doing or not doing and what they should be doing my only thought for a response was, dear God have mercy us.