Pappy Van Winkle 12 Year Bourbon

Should I drink it or sell it assuming I find someone crazy enough to spend $1000+ on it

  • Drink It

    Votes: 12 27.3%
  • Sell It

    Votes: 32 72.7%

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Eight Pointer
I should also mention, if you are just dying to have a taste, after you sell the bottle there are high end bourbon bars that will sell you a pour for $75-125. Then you can say you have drank Pappy.


Old Mossy Horns
Not arguing but I don't see anything online saying resell is illegal. I heard about the lottery from a board member who said I should put in just to resell it if I won. Seems like it would be no different than any other collectables.
No idea if it is legal or not.. never really looked into it... but given the history of the ABC board in NC, I am not sure that is who I would be taking my legal advise from.... just sayin


Twelve Pointer
I love bourbon but would never pay $1000 for a bottle. Can’t imagine it tastes that much better than a $40 bottle, doubt if blindfolded I could tell a difference. I’d sell it and buy 20 handles of 4 roses yellow label and pocket the left over $. Do have a bottle of 18 year old Elijah Craig that was a gift I haven’t had an occasion to crack open yet.


Old Mossy Horns
Do have a bottle of 18 year old Elijah Craig that was a gift I haven’t had an occasion to crack open yet.
That sir is a crying shame.. create an occasion.. heck it is Wednesday that is good enough.. and if you are waiting on a drinking buddy I am close and will happily help you with it.. Love me some Elijah Craig and happen to have an 18yr. SB at the moment myself.


Ten Pointer
I am loaded with Blanton also and its over rated. There is plenty of good/almost/or even better Bourbon available for 60 bucks. The Pappy? Its a brief few seconds in your tongue. Not worth 1200 bucks IMO.


Ten Pointer
I haven’t been able to find blantons in NC. I like it. I did score a bottle of eagle rare the other day. Also, if you haven’t, I recommend trying 2nd amendment bourbon. Good stuff and reasonably priced.
I didn’t get drawn in the wake county liquor lottery. 5th year striking out lol. Hopefully I will have better luck with my turkey permits.