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I'm headed on a September cruise to Alaska with 3 days in Denali National Park. Looking for a warm down, packable jacket that won't break the bank. Space and weight are concerns, but I don't want to buy junk either. I have alpaca heavy weight base layering and a merino wool base shirt so I think I have that covered.
Any/all suggestions will be appreciated.


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We did the last cruise of the season about 6-7 years ago and even rafting, fishing, Yukon trip, etc. I wore a rain coat with neoprene wrist protectors and neoprene fingerless gloves rafting and never got cold. I’m pretty cold tolerant but not sure Down is needed. I’m thinking that time of year dry is better than insulated but it’s AK so being prepared may make it more enjoyable. I’m envious, I’d go back in a minute.


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Wife is 5’7” 95 lbs and has 0 cold tolerance and she had a similar light rain coat and a light Marmot coat I bought her and only got cold when rafting a little. We where lucky with weather. Some early am flurries was the only thing we saw precipitation wise.


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Also think Kuiu and others have specific down tech to keep it from compacting and water proof/water resistant which is nice if you plan to use a lot but for a 10 day trip or less if your not planning multiple trips north may not warrant the cost. I haven’t looked lately but 2nd hand market was good on those items though so you might consider a slightly more expensive jacket then resell it for what you’d have in a cheaper coat anyway. The risk is you like it too much and keep it. There are a few Sites that have multiple levels to consider I bet Moosejaw has Down Jackets or Puffies. I know they have a lot of merino and other performance wear.


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Rei puffy. Packs down to size of softball. Very warm. I used mine in alaska last year in september and my wife used hers. You can find them on sale for about $70.


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Im headed there as well we won the Denali road lottery so well get to drive into the park. I don't plan to bring any down items with me. Wool shirt, sweatshirt and outer rain coat will tackle the elements that time of year. But my ideal temperature is between 20 and 30 degrees. Don't forget a couple of good hats


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Best thing I have found is layer a water proof shell jacket over a nice fleece jacket.

For example a half zip fleece with collar, pull ties at bottom and neoprene cuffs. My shells are a Chaps polyester shell or a frog tog shell with neoprene cuffs.

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If down gets wet, its DONE.
go with Holofil or another synthetic filler
ALSO, I agree with stopping rain and wind......if ya do THAT, it is much easier to stay warm with LESS underneath.

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all of the new thin "down" jackets are extremely light and packable imo.
You can spend as much as you want on one but I saw a long HUK one with a hood that was designed for exposure while fishing. It weighs nothing yet you don't want it on if it's not very cool at the least. I think it would work fine in September in denali.


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Just make sure you layer well. On a typical day in alaska last September, I wore a long sleeve shirt with my puffy over top in the mornings. I kept a rain jacket in my pack for wet weather. By mid day, i was wearing just my long sleeve shirt. September in Denali, temps were in the high 20s in the morning, but quickly got to mid to high 60s by lunch. Most puffy jackets now have synthetic fill. Even if it is real down, just wear some rain gear over it to keep dry.