Over coming issues by using Leather


Four Pointer
I recently had to buy a new Mobility Van. One of the new things with these new vehicles is either they use no key at all or in my case the Fob is also a Key. You read correctly. The Fob itself will stick into the ignition and you turn it to start the van. So, You have no choice but to carry this huge Fob with all it buttons. The problem with these things is if you carry it in your pocket every time you seat down you set one of the dang buttons off....lol...
So, I had to come up with a new way to carry all my keys. My solution was to make a keychain that clips to my belt loop and allows me to separate the Van Fob from the keychain if I need to leave the van with the shop for servicing. but still keep all my home keys secure. I also came up with an I-D Tag that has my Name and Number and it stays with the Van Fob... I think its going to work well for me...