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Six Pointer
Have trip planned for 9/18-21 to Oriental. Plan to take boat, 20’CC. Never been in Neuse area before, see that NNE winds 20-30mph forecasted. For those that frequent the area am I correct in thinking this not gonna be a weekend to give the area a try. Taking into account the rain forecast from storm remnants. Is there much wind break along the bank that may salvage some fishing opportunity?
Thanks for any input.
Visited Oriental for the first time over Labor Day weekend. Overrun with transplant Biden supporters. Don't care how good the fishing is, will not return.
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Old Mossy Horns
Naahhh, don't let them blue-hairs stop ya from coming back. They're the only ones in the whole county, all 386 of'em, and we laugh at'em too. There are better ramps closeby, fish the same waters.


Button Buck
My lord can there be more trump signs than around there? I did see something I thought was a bit disrespectful a flag that was half USA and half CSA. Fly both if u want to show both but don't hybridized them


Six Pointer
Thanks all for the confirmation of what I was thinking. We were able to cancel reservations without penalty. I know what wind directions and speeds do for Brunswick beaches, just wasn’t 100% sure for that area. Looks like a good drinking forecast......


Old Mossy Horns
Popped these this morning right behind all the storms. Winds in that range on the lower Neuse get some nice wave action. Not good, but could be fished staying on the north side of the river...or creeks and fishing for trout.

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