Optics mount?


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Thinking about trying one of those small red dots for pistols on my shotgun this year. What's the go to low profile mount for those things? My gun is already drilled and tapped on the receiver. Thanks for any help

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I have Sumtoy mounts on three different guns and have been 100% satisfied with the quality and customer service. They are gun model specific and countoured to fit the receiver. All of them sport Burris Fastfires.
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Most have one that comes with it, just make sure you order the right mount. Some are for picatinny rails, etc.


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I would go with the Sumtoy mount, it is made to accept pretty much all factory pre-drilled hole spacing. It also is very low profile. Burris Fastfire 2 or 3 is pretty much the gold standard for turkey guns. They have an unbeatable warranty. I have used one in the past and it never let me down. That said, I have switched over to Holosun's 407c and 507c models because I really prefer a green dot over the red.


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Sumtoy mounts are the way to go. I’ve put them on 7 different guns with no complaints.


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Tried emailing sumtoy, but it wouldn't work. I'll call on Monday. For those that use his mount does it fit the just the Burris "foot print"? I'm looking at the sightron that's on sale now. I have a rail for the gun, but want it as low as possible. Thanks for all the help


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When you call, just tell him the gun you have and the sight you plan to use and most likely he's got what you need. The bases are made gun/sight specific (eventhough several models use the same base). Like others, I've got several of his bases and never an issue.