Opinions of the fanchie affinity 3 in 12ga


Twelve Pointer
Looking at getting rid of a few toys and been debating on getting a franchie affinity 3 for a while. After my issues with my super nova and benelli customer service I think it's time. I'm not going to get rid of the benelli right now since its turkey season but was wondering on everyone's thought about the affinty 3 for turkey and deer.

Any opinions good, bad, indifferent?


Twelve Pointer
Browning BPS Would be my first choice. And Remington 870 have stood the test of time. Personally i own a super nova 12ga also and i have beaten it up never had an issue.


Staff member
I use an affinity 3 for my duck gun most trips,,,,,I need to cerakote it or dip it,,,tired of the black gun look,,,but functionally it has performed flawlessly,,,