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Tied that surveying tape a bit too tight, huh?
My wife does say I tend to reef on things a bit. :unsure:

I was doing some load development on a 30 Carbine, and I was losing groups as I got faster - the bullet is a wee long for the rifling twist.

But I wanted to see how fast I could push it before I got really crappy groups.

This one missed the 6" circle, carried through the target, and caught a pine on the hillside backstop.

Kind of impressive I thought.

If I back it up a few tenths and lose a couple hundred FPS, I think it still has some good terminal ballistics.


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Impressive for a 30 carbine
Function of the desperate times we live in.

Jacketed bullets in short supply, and a suitable one for hunting being rare to start with, I took a Lyman 311410 mold, cast hard, made a jig to circumcise a meplat that would still allow the bullet to fit and feed from a mag, powder coated, and just started developing from there.

It's 134 grains about 1600+fps. Tree at roughly 100-110 yards.

In the defense of physics, the tree was only about 3-1/2" but it was a clean kill...
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Some say a .22 is not enough gun (myself included) but without fast acting Secret Service and a super fast ride to a trauma center on standby, we would have lost President Reagan far too early...it all depends on placement