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How many of yall use the onX hunt app? Ive been looking into buying a membership for this year and would like to hear some feedback from those who have had experience with using it.



Twelve Pointer
Bought the Premium before turkey season. It paid for itself during turkey season... especially out of state


Six Pointer
If money is an object, there are cheaper alternatives that you can piece together to do what OnX does; for an all-inclusive platform though, it's hard to beat. I make plenty of use of mine.


Eight Pointer
Its a great app. I've used OnX, HuntStand, and others. The biggest advantage in my opinion is the ability to save offline maps of specific areas. A lot of the places I hunt have little cell coverage and the caching mode of other apps has never quite worked well enough. Only OnX has performed as needed. Also if you watch any of Randy Newbergs Videos, THP, or Husin all three have discount codes for OnX which I think is like 20% off. If your prior military and have access to Expert Voice you can get 40% off.


Eight Pointer
I have used OnX for several years now. It is an invaluable tool. As others said, when cell service is an issue it still has the ability to capture your position and track your device with pre saved maps. Has a ton of layer options which is nice. It’s worth the subscription IMO.

** exact property boundaries may vary slightly. Access and or stand placement should be confirmed for accuracy while your boots are on the ground.
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I’ve used it for three or so years now. It’s invaluable if you are in new areas. If you’re hunting the same old lease, I don’t think you need it.


Old Mossy Horns
I got it about 4 years ago for business use, it works fine when I'm out taking pictures of tracts of land, keeps me within the tract I'm listing...Now, I have noticed that the landowner information may be behind, by several months sometimes..


Twelve Pointer
I like it alot, helps with property boundaries. I have noticed some inconsistencies in the line and where the landowners told me the lines are but I'm not sure if onX is off or if they've just recognized the lines differently for years.


Four Pointer
I've used it the last year or so and its a great tool to have especially if you hunt a lot of public land and hilly country, has cut my time in half scouting an area before I ever put boots on the ground.
My son bought me a subscription and I will continue to subscribe.


I have used it one year and when my subscription ends, I will definitely be renewing it. I love it, it has been extremely useful.

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Eight Pointer
I’ve had it since January of 2017. Being that most of my hunting is in the Croatan National Forest, it’s great for helping me find and remember good locations. When we went to Boone last year to ride out the hurricane, it allowed me to find public land in the Pisgah to hunt that I otherwise would’ve never found. And being able to save maps offline has been a life saver (literally) when it’s pitch black and you can’t find the trail. I recently upgraded to get maps for every state, so that I can use it when I go back home to hunt WV, and because I plan on hunting out west soon.

If you only want to use it to find public lands to hunt on though, get Powderhook. It’s free, and the public lands stand out on the map better.