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Twelve Pointer
What online gun retailers have the worst reputation right now?

I would hate to put in an order and wait and wait then it end up being canceled.


Twelve Pointer
Online or local from what I'm hearing it ain't much difference it it aint in stock. They place the order with all their distributors or straight from the factory and hope UPS brings it eventually.

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Twelve Pointer
Been sitting on waiting for fulfillment status with Impact. Supposedly it will ship 7-10 business days. I’ve currently hit 6 business days.


Ten Pointer
My local gun shop told me they have no idea what’s coming or when. Stuff kinda randomly shows up these days. Ammo is the same way.


Twelve Pointer
Don't know about worst, but I've ordered several guns from Buds here recently and they have been lightning fast. I ordered a Savage 110 High Country 300 Win Mag it was here in 4 business days.


Twelve Pointer
I usually end up ordering what I want (local and online) rarely buy off the rack unless it’s an Ithaca or unique.

I search inventory all over that says ‘in stock’ and when I think it is a great deal I bite. Just so happens I’m dealing with Impact Guns for the first time so I’m hoping they are accurate but I’ve read some recent reviews saying that it’s not always so.

Then again folks have issues with PSA among others and I’ve had nothing but solid transactions.


Twelve Pointer
I've used Gunbroker and Buds with no problems. But things are nutty out there. I ordered a new barrel through a Smith and who knows when it will arrive.


Twelve Pointer
Being left handed I have to buy online....very few choices in stores. I have had good luck with buds and gunbroker...that being said learned a very expensive lesson on Armslist and don't use it anymore.


Six Pointer
I've had good luck with no problems shipping to my local FFL.

They have a "watchlist" feature, so if you're looking for a Savage stainless in .300 Win Mag, for example, you can create a watchlist, and when one pops up, you get an email with a link to the dealer.


Eight Pointer
It's been a while so i don't know how things are now with the covid stuff going on but in the past i've used Bud's, gunbroker and guns international and i haven't has any bad experiences with either. All transactions went smoothly and the guns arrived in a timely matter. I've also used armslist a couple times but i purchased from someone in NC and met face to face, no issues with that either.


Ten Pointer
I have used Gunsamerica with good results. I have also bought a few from Macks Prairie Wings and they have been great. UPS actually lost one. It arrived in Greensboro and never moved again for several days. I contacted Macks and they shipped another one to me the same day "next day air" at no additional cost to me. All this was before the pandemic.


Button Buck may be a good route if you don't mind used guns. I returned a bad red dot sight to S & W in August and it took 2 months to get it replaced. Everything seems to be a mess these days with the virus and all.