One more month....


Twelve Pointer
They were running a test here yesterday at ATL on the new config....kurt bush says its very different track....


Twelve Pointer
Atl and dega tickets all ready pd for....looking at roval and doing both marts??....


Six Pointer
Always liked Aric Almirola , now more than ever . Hope he has a great year racing . We need more men like him in all sports.


Twelve Pointer
They were a lot more aggressive than I thought they would be. Ross drilled Kurt close to end of that first run.


Staff member
Wonder if Brandon brown will have a nice woke sponsor that we can all get behind and support by then. Someone the diversity and inclusion dickheads would love.


Kinder, Gentler LTS
Tip.... from what I have read, Brandon is still going to be sponsored by LGBCoin but NASCAR is not going to allow their logo on the car. They will still sponsor him and he will be doing publicity promotions and such away from the track. It is going to be interesting to follow.


Eight Pointer
Yes Sir, we built all the chassis and suspension components. I think we’re going to service and maintain all the cars this year instead of the program they had last year. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be more cars in the series this year.