One more day. Va last day


Four Pointer
Up in VA as well on public land with the xbow. Killed a doe out here about a month ago. Hoping to just see something tonight


Twelve Pointer
Let the smoke roll on a fat doe this afternoon in Tazewell County. Nice way to end my deer season.

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Old Mossy Horns
We moved a pile of deer today. Got shots at a lot less. Hit even less than that...but I'm not to blame. I didn't even see a deer...mebbe my luck ran out? Nah...

Wind was brutal, but we killed 11. And the mud...good lord at the mud...


Twelve Pointer
Went to KY for one last shot at filling the freezer and maybe my buck tag. Got rained out Friday but saw 17 on Saturday and a few Thursday evening. No meat was procured but a good late season hunt especially with the warm weather. Others killed a few does including the biggest doe I've ever seen.

I'm with ya on the mud, everything was soup!