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Four Pointer
Finished disking a new plot that we will be putting a tower stand on soon. I've been trying to get in here to do some work, and last Friday my grandson and I went in and spent the whole day trimming back limbs, cleaning out these 2 lanes. The shortest is 125 yds, the long one in the pines is pushing 200. The box blind will be in the curve where the 2 lanes intersect. This is a new plot and the soil is a mixture of sandy loam and clay. Im planning to use winter wheat and oats down the long pine lane, and a mixture of brassicas and clover for the shorter lane. Soon as the weather breaks we'll be slinging some seeds in this one, then moving on to my 2 power line/gas line plots.IMG_0447.jpg


Four Pointer
Another one down, gas line right of way disked up, this is just the bottom portion. Im guessing its an acre or so. I already have a shooting house here, from the shooting house to the end of this plot is 225 yds. Planning a no plow/clover/oat plot here. Having to watch over hanging limbs real close, already come in close contact with 2 huge wasp nest.....right about face high on a Ford 3400 Lol.

Hoping to get to the 3rd and final plot disked this weekend, then go back and sling seed in all of them.

gasline 1.jpggasline.jpg
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Old Mossy Horns
Nice looking sure to show some pics when the plots start growing.

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Four Pointer
Finally done disking the last plot. Power line/gas line stand by gps its .77 acres. I've got plenty of room to expand this plot next year for soybeans. Right now I think we'll do a Oat/brassica mix. Im watching the weather, when I see a good rain chance gonna send the seeds flying.