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Oldest School

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
Thank you dhsten.
The deer was a perfect example of what many of you said would happen last weekend. We finally got the chilly mornings and on cue the deer activity for me exploded.
I first saw this buck at 9:10 Saturday am as he came thru trailng three antlerless deer that had passed thru 20 minutes earlier.
No shot because my shooting lanes were not extended into the thicker stuff he walked in.
I told quackncluck about him saturday evening at a wedding we were both attending, allowing as to how he was probably never to be seen again. I certainly hadnt seen him before saturday morning.

I hunted every day morning and afternoon (mostly short hunts before and after work) and saw him again weds morning at 7:10 running a doe right to me but he stopped behind a tree and when he took off I could not get him stopped for a shot. Deer activity was phenomenal weds for me and I did not shoot another one that i usually would have out of disappointment for blowing the shot at this one.

So the third encounter was during an 1:15 minute sit after work yesterday. You just knew it would be good based on the weather coming. At five two fawns came thru a little hub where deer walk after getting up. They kept looking hard in a direction I couldnt see and a few minutes late he waltzed in: ran and grunted at one then stopped.

The old knight did it's work, perfect high lung pass thru with loads of blood.
The highlight was showing the pics to my dad who has been so very ill lately. He could give a poop about killing a deer but he indulges me and endures my tales of chasing them.
I appreciate yall doing the same.
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