old locOn find


Ten Pointer
We have cut a few outta trees.
I cut this one out this year. I know where at least one more is on the property we hunt. But don’t think it’s coming off that tree.


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Eight Pointer
You can date that Loc-On treestand by the Trebark fabric camo seat. Trebark camo originated back in the mid 80's.


Twelve Pointer
I owned at least two of those things. Replaced a couple of seats. Those fold out tubes put my feet to sleep but they folded up nicely to stand to shoot.


Old Mossy Horns
That's fine for you guys that are 5' 8" and weigh 130...

For us larger types, no thanks..... :ROFLMAO:
I ain’t no lil feller…for those of us the grew up standing in the V of a split trunk tree or sitting on a limb, them tiny loc ons were Cadillacs 😂


Four Pointer
That is an awesome walk in afternoon quick setup that I have one and still use today. I believe that locons were actually built in Greensboro?
I have a gorilla stand like it and would love to find a replacement strap for it but obviously they aren't around as well


Eight Pointer
I've got a Spirit with a speed hitch rope in the garage that I used for setups way back in the woods. After one of my LEM's got gone, I'd take the bottom few steps out and carry the Spirit in & out on every hunt. I've killed 3 of my to 5 biggest bucks from LocOns and the other 2 from a Cadillac and a permanent tripod stand. Switched to Cadillac stand years ago and haven't thought about going back.



Eight Pointer
Never had one that old. But one of favorites I had that was stolen was a muddy bloodsport. Wish I could find another.


Six Pointer
That's a heck of a find for $20👍I remember them. I think Loc on made a climber with the same seat set up and a spring steel band that went around the tree.