Oh joy. I’m thrilled


Old Mossy Horns
There was 15 acres of nice level ground (level for around here) with a 1800 sq ft house built in 2015, with 3 barns and a storage shed( all constructed after the house) sold for $98,000 in May. So property isn’t sky rocketing like some places.

Definitely see some folks moving in, but a lot leave very quickly. One that comes to mind is some retired cop from Massachusetts bought a house down the rd from us. He started trying to throw his weight around and was trying to tell folks that had lived there how things were gonna be. You know how that went over. One of the main things that happened after that was his neighbor, who had been letting him use his property to get to his house(not a deeded row) closed him off. Actual row hasn’t been used in 20 years and is in such disrepair it’s unnavigable( the reason the neighbor had begun letting the original owners cross his property to begin with) Long story short, retired Yankee cop lost his 💩 over it and demanded the old timer open his property back up to him. Old timer refused, retired Yankee cop takes him to court. Stubborn hillbilly judge agrees with old timer. No dice for Yankee. Puts his place on the market. Old timer agrees to lease him a ROW for 30 days. Yankee sells property, new owners are nice folks. Old timer allows them to use the access across his property.
Man its stories like that make me homesick