Offshore trip June 29th

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
If anyone is interested in a full day trip offshore on the "Good Times" out of Hattaras Marina on June 29th, we have 2 openings on the boat at this time. Usually a good trip with Captain Andy.
PM me if interested and I'll get you the contact information of the fella coordinating the trip. We will be staying at the Breakers Motel that night if accommodations are needed.
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Eight Pointer
Holy cow I had done that and it was a blast. Dipped them out like brim. Good eating there but yall need some ice.🙊


Ten Pointer
Awesome catch! Be careful though, some folks on here get bent when you mention the boat name and/or Captain. Be careful.

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
Andy put you guys in the meat. Pretty work.
He's a good fella, we have fished with him and Tim for many years.
We could have done a bit of bottom fishing as well but the current was crazy. We elected to troll awhile for bill fish but didn't get a rise on any of the baits.
We will probably adjust times next year for better tile fishing along with bigger gaffer dolphin.


Six Pointer
Mated on the old Good Times a few days years ago when Burl Wilson was alive. Most blue ones I ever caught in one day was with him on that rig. They dumped Capt Burls ashes in the Gulf Stream on top of blue marlin they caught a few years back.