Off to shoot Cannons.... Bubba hold my beer!


Old Mossy Horns
Forgot to post the pictures where we killed the target stake.
Hard shooting the last ones blind with a down stake.2870728708


Six Pointer
Awesome pics, I'd love to go to a live fire event. This is my cannon. It's replica based on a 1841 mountain howitzer with a 3" bore. My Grandpa had always wanted a cannon. So in his retirement years when he was financially able he bought the barrel, and had the cheeks, trail, and wheels made. He was a hobby blacksmith so he did most of the iron work himself. Grandpa, myself and my cousin all had a hand in getting it together.

Grandpa passed away unexpectedly in 2014. The family got together each 4th of July after that to shoot the cannon and remember him. But we didn't get to do it last year because Grandma's health was failing. She passed away last November, and left the cannon in equal parts ownership to my cousin and me, with the stipulation that it never leaves the family. I'm hoping we can start the 4th of July tradition back up this year.

I know it could use some paint, just haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet. Other than cleaning it after we shoot it, it's exactly how it was the last time Grandpa pulled the lanyard on a friction primer...

We only use it for blank loads with Black powder and flour, but even so it will throw some flame, roll it back, and make a good amount of noise. I'm 100% sure it has had some projectiles fired out of it when Grandpa and his buddies got together, but I tend to be a little more cautious, haha.