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OBX charters


Eight Pointer
We are going to the OBX in June. Looking at going near shore fishing or possibly off shore. Was wondering if anyone would have any recommendations on a good fishing charter. We will have 2 kids going ages 9 and 12.


June is prime time yellowfin tuna out of oregon inlet, lots of good boats to choose from out of oregon inlet fishing center and pirates cove. Waste Knot, Desperado, Hooker, True Grit, to name a few are all top notch.

Also nearshore, Carolina Style is a really good option


Old Mossy Horns
Some of the offshore boats at Oregon Inlet are already booked solid for the entire month of June but you should not have too much trouble finding one that is available on your date.

And Paocher is another good nearshore boat.


Old Mossy Horns
Check out Captain Patrick Byrd and the Esther Gale. Shrimping and crabbing is a pretty unique experience for most people. Very family friendly set up.


Six Pointer
Brian king out of Wanchese marina or Matt Lusk also at Wanchese marina-top notch inshore. Dave Watkins -castaway is the best around the inlet and also a great guy out of the fishing center. Off shore if you want meat-smoker, waste knot -capt Barry is as good a person you will find. Karl on fistful out of pirates cove is great for near shore. June is prime time speckled trout. If it doesn’t freeze it’s gonna be epic!