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Oak city


Old Mossy Horns
I know at least one person that went. Haven't heard who won. I will likely know in the morning. They placed one 14th, pretty strong with some of the best hounds in the country there. Maybe I should have got a number for one of our deer heathens. LOL
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Twelve Pointer
I forgot they were having that hunt this weekend. Been seeing a lot of talk on Facebook about it. At one time in my life I would of likely been there or at least known several that were.


Twelve Pointer
Haven’t heard who won yet either. Knew of several people that entered a couple of dogs. My guess none of them won or would have heard about it.


Twelve Pointer
I went and had a ball. Good hunt . B&B won the truck. Ross put on a top notch hunt that was one you didn’t wanna miss
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