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not wild but inwould like to hear your baby back recipe.


Eight Pointer
I'm not great at baby back ribs. More like a blind squirrel than anything.

had success with mustard base coat and dry season of choice. cook slow and low wrapped in foil, then finish wish sauce at a bit of higher heat.

usually comes out edible but not like some I've had.
will be using a new weber kettle charcoal grill. Any tips here would be appreciated also.

wrapping in foil to cook slow has worked for me but using coal I want the flavor. is there a way to do it without the foil?


Place your dry rub on, wrap in plastic wrap and allow to marinate for a bit in fridge. Cook them on the grill till about 1/2 - 2/3 done. Remove from grill, place on heavy duty aluminum foil, add a squirt of liquid margarine along top, add sauce. Wrap in foil and place on grill over indirect heat for about 45 min. / 1 hour. Remove and enjoy.


Four Pointer
I spent years perfecting ribs on the smoker, countless hours fiddling, etc.

I still do a dry rub on “the smoker”.

But for wet ribs I usually make a sauce and occasionally buy* a sauce and cook them in the oven on sheet pans sealed in foil and finish them on the grill for some color with a mop or two of sauce.

I’m too old and too busy to care about proving my smoker acumen to anyone. I cook to eat and enjoy. I smoke my butts, sausage, and butts on a gas Weber and gave my smoker away. I’d rather have a beer with friends than fiddle around with minutiae with little return.

*There are a gazillion sauces on the grocery aisle, I guarantee you can find one you like.


Eight Pointer
1- remove the membrane from the under side of the rib. Use a butter knife to start and then use a paper towel to pull the rest off.
2- rub down with mustard both sides and then add whatever seasonings you like.
3- place on the grill indirect heat for 3 hours at 180. I spritz with Dr Pepper or use a apple cider/apple juice combo every 45 minutes so they don’t dry out and it creates some flavor on the top part of the meat.
4- take ribs off after 3 hours and wrap in foil. On the foil I put them meat down on top of butter, brown sugar and fresh honey. I seal up one side and pour some apple juice into the packet and seal it all up(less than 1/4th cup or so) the more juice you put in the more tender they become almost like a crock pot. I return them meat side down to the grill for 2 more hours at 225.
5- after the two hours take the ribs out, sauce up both sides and put them bone down on the grill until the sauce tacks up. 30-1 hr is what I typically go with. I can’t stand it much after that.

total cook time is around 6 hours. First 3 at 180 then add some more coals to get it up to 225 for the last 3.


Twelve Pointer
i saw some guys at a race cooking with an ''orion cooker'' (you can look them up on google). walked over and talked to them. they were cooking 6 slabs of baby back off the tailgate. took about 1.5 hours, great tender ribs so i had to buy one. i have cooked other stuff with it but i use it only for baby back ribs now. i use alton browns rib rub, you can google that too....just follow cooking dierctions on the orion and you'll be fine. i've turned several folks onto this cooker for ribs.....


Old Mossy Horns
I'll smoke them on occasion but most of the time I'll rub em down and put in a foil covered pan in the oven on low temp with a little juice on the bottom. I'll pull off and char them on the grill. Have to pull the membrane too.


Ten Pointer
As others have said remove the membrane from the bottom of the rack.

I like to lightly salt mine. I then put a thin layer of olive oil on the rib.

For rub, I use meathead's memphis dust recipe: https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/spice-rubs-and-pastes/meatheads-memphis-dust-rub-recipe/

Smoke the ribs for about 30 mins to an hour. Keep it below 220 if you can. Then cook until the ribs start to pull back a little from the bone. Usually at most another two hours.

Get a baking pan next and put a little apple juice in there. Place the pan on the grill and put the ribs in and cover with foil. Leave a little room for some steam to escape. "Steam" the ribs for about 30 mins. You may have to rotate the ones off the bottom so they don't get soggy.

Place ribs back on the grill and lightly mop with sauce. I like the bone sucking sauce with added apple cider vinegar. Let the sauce caramelize a little.


Castle Oak 2

Four Pointer
My recipe is almost exactly like 23mako with a couple of differences. I don't salt my ribs but add a bit of seasoning salt to the Memphis Dust recipe. I keep my ribs at 220 to 250 for the first 3 hours and then slowly raise the temp over the last hour of cooking. Once the temp hits 325, I use my favorite over-the-counter sauce (KC Masterpiece) to double glaze the ribs. I ain't an expert but when I have company, I don't have leftovers. If I'm feeding several folks, I'll cook some brats on the top grill and position it so the juices rain down on the ribs. I have used 23Mako's recipe as well as it is great. I dropped the steaming step as my family likes an outer crust with some chew.