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It's coming up. My favorite time of year to be in the woods. I will miss opening day, Mom will be recovering from surgery so I want to make sure I am around for her. I work Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. After work on Tuesday, I will head up to the mountains and plan on hunting Wednesday-Saturday. Hope to get redemption on one of the two bucks I missed last week with a bow. I checked the Savage about a month ago, but will fire a few more rounds through it today just to make sure. I plan on all day sits. A friend of mine who hunts the property across the road from me sent me game cam picture of 150"+ buck. That will get you pumped up!


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We are always last in state to get pick up a gun but ill take our opening over any of rest hits just right if you like to blackpowder hunt.

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I'll be in the woods for the first time this year on Saturday, Good Lord willing, with my Optima loaded for a Forsyth buck. This year has been a blur, hopefully it slows down a bit for the month of November.


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Sat gonna be awful good college ball day have to set the DVR for lot recording to watch after get home weather is looking to be alright as long as wind don't kick up strong ill be up neat parway
I think blackpowder is going to line up nicely with the chase phase this year. At least for the Wilkes, Ashe, Alleghany areas. Good luck everyone


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Fixing to head out to our lease an (hour drive ) ! Cool this morning 35* and windy but forecast for the wind to lay down this afternoon and only a high around 45*..... sounds promising! Good luck to all who will be out today and be safe !