North western Ml season. Who’s ready ?


Six Pointer
Who’s going to be out tomorrow in the nw region with the smoke pole ? Weather looks great for the morning. Might be a little warm in the afternoon but it will be my first hunt of the year . Good luck to all who will be out there , be safe !

Hunting Nut

Old Mossy Horns
Smoke pole, baby !!!!

Break 'em down like a shotgun !

Stack 'em deer up like cord wood !!

Have fun everyone. Be safe. And good luck to all ! 🙂


Old Mossy Horns
Never heard a shot this afternoon and evening in this part of Lincoln co. Only heard 2 this morning
Yeah not a shot one in my part of Rockingham county today except for the one right at 7 13am. The only person who got a deer .


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Heard 4 shots between first shooting light and 8:45 when I shot in East tn. Had a buddy on a permit hunt not too far from me and he said he heard 8 shots between first shooting light and 9am. Poor guy tried to punch one of his tags and his powder didn’t burn properly .

Also: I realize these anecdotes do jack sheet for figuring out what’s going on in nc


Old Mossy Horns
Went up in a climber this morning to just see if I could handle it with my back issues. Made it out fine, sat till 11am, let a small six pointer and a three pointer walk.....'Not the Droids I'm looking for'. I sounded like a bull in a china shop walking on those dry leaves. Both of those deer this morning were nearly silent. Going to hunt my place in the morning for one particular deer then I'm going to call it a ML season, heading to Kentucky on Thursday.


Old Mossy Horns

No photoshopping for me. I’ve tried to load a picture a couple times but it won’t do it.

It ain’t no record buck by any means but I don’t care.

Oh I’m just having fun. Knew it wouldn’t rile you but some people do get sensitive even though it’s not their deer 😁


Six Pointer
I hunted Sat. morning . Seen 7 , 2-4pt,2-spikes a 3pt,a doe and one unknown . things haven't heated up ,up here yet....

Mallard Cutter

Six Pointer
I stepped out on the back porch I Ashe County Sunday morning and saw one skinny rack 8 chasing a doe and about an hour later a small 6 bedded down.