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I bought a replacement nipple for an old American knight muzzleloader I have. Tried shooting it today and it would never fire. I got to looking and the hammer is not hitting the primer. The new nipple I bought it shorter than the original? My question is do the nipples come in different lengths, or did I buy one that is a factory mess up?


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Yes they come in several different threads, metric and English, also many different types and lengths of cone along with inside dia for the spark to pass.

Really need to carry the original and match it up.

Chance you got a nipple for a handgun as they are shorter.


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I don’t know what’s up with this gun. I haven’t shot it in years and I have found the right nipple and I still can’t get a cap to pop in it. I’m gonna convert it to 209.
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Yes I have the hammer screwed all the way out. I’m lost on this thing. My son is using my 209 muzzleloader. Guess I will borrow one for Saturday....
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On a Knight American rifle the bolt has to be screwed all the way IN but it has a safety on the back of it that had to be screwed OUT.
I’ve had this rifle for close to 20 years. I know how it operates but something is causing it not to pop the caps but I’m gonna convert it to a 209 primer so that will fix it hopefully.
You got the old nipple you just took the 2....same length? If your new one is shorter, there would be your problem. If the both are the same length then the nipple is not the problem, something else going on. Probably contact Knight or a gunsmith if you can't figure out....know anyone that has similar Knight to compare?