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I am just now getting my gear ready to start trying to learn how to trap coyotes on my farms. My question is, am I going to have an issue with the potential of catching a bear? I am deep in bear habitat and loaded with mommas and cubs.


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Just exactly how does one go about releasing a bear from a trap?

Or better yet.... got any videos of releasing a bear from a trap?

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Anything is possible. Can't say for sure it was a bear, but I had fox set visited one night. The jaws were jerked out of the trap and the pan had three scratches thru the dye and wax on the pan..... Like I was done in one swift fluid motion. The set wasn't really torn up that much. I always figured it was a bear that done it.

I would sure hate to catch a this years cub and mama still be around.

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I trapped for years , but no more, there’s just not enough market for fur for me to make it worthwhile for me. The only thing you really have to worry about bears doing to your set is tearing them up. Being that said being that you are new to trapping my first advise to you is keep most things to yourself. And just do what’s ethical to by catch and keep it to yourself.


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ya been to the Trappers Ed class?
Have a local mentor?
Not yet, but am trying to find those resources. Of course I am reading books and online. I am not too worried about sucking at it, its just an attempt to kill coyotes, but the bear situation is a concern


I know a fellow who has caught and held two adult bears. The first one, he called me and asked what to do. I advised him to call NCWRC and tell them to come get their bear out of his trap as he wanted it back. They responded and used the opportunity to collect study data from the bears. It will take some time for them to get there.

Do not attempt to release the bear yourself. You might die in the attempt.


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You can easily make them smarter and tougher to trap at times with rookie mistakes, sooooooo, Here’s what helped me shorten my learning curve by decades. Join your state trapping assn, Google it. ANd contact officers off their site and ask for a mentor to ride along and meet with. MANY states have their own forums. Like here in NC. And TN has 2 and Va has 2 also and KY too. A mentor helps Learn trap prep and techniques and tricks and the laws in YOUR state regarding jaw spreads, shock springs, etc, etc. Laws vary a lot from state to state so BEWARE of FB and utube. You can be shown things that are illegal in your state!.

This gets you in the info loop of FREE trappers ed classes and meets and fur sales/pick ups, and conventions. Conventions have a couple days of demo’s from old pro’s sharing their tricks! Then attend ALL YOU CAN, this shows folks you are serious and will be a good student. It sure helped open many doors for me and it could for you as well. ALSO, get several different trapping supply catalogs, like MTP, Sterling Fur, FandT, PCS, Flemings, Northern Outdoors, Trap Shack, Schmitt enterprises, Southeastern outdoor supplies, JR & Sons, Grawes, rpoutdoors, etc etc, THEN circle gear you need, and give the catalogs to loved ones to buy your Birthday and Christmas and July 4 and Easter and Anniversary gifts. Explain to them, you want their money to go towards what you will use and need, as opposed to another sweater hanging in your closet. WORKS GREAT in our family.


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As far as bears go, most will just pull out. If you do happen to hold one just contact the WRC. They can tranq it and release it.


Old Mossy Horns
Bears will be attracted to any bait you put out
Not necessarily true. I’ve trapped in areas with lots of bears and never had a problem. While bears are omnivorous they aren’t automatically attracted to the tainted meat type of baits you generally use for coyotes, especially in the small amounts that you’ll use. It does happen, but not a lot.
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