New to reloading problem


Old Mossy Horns
Are those federal hulls? If you have other brands, try them. Each different brand of Hull will crimp a little differently. Some it’s hardly noticeable between them, others it’s drastic.


Twelve Pointer
I just started reloading myself but mainly buckshot. I use a Lee Load All 2 but I haven’t had that problem yet. All my crimps have come out perfect. I mainly use the Cheditte Fiocchi already primed hulls but don’t really have any experience any others hulls yet.


Six Pointer
I don’t have any experience on a Lee either but I agree with what darkthirty said- lower your pre crimp station so you’re making more plastic available to close the hole. You’ll have to play around with it some but shouldn’t take many tries to get it right. Work it in small increments.