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Old Mossy Horns
Had a deal fall into my lap that I just couldn’t pass up. I had an old Winchester 32-20 model 1892 in fair condition and I get offered a deer death dealer that I just have a weakness for and had to jump on quicker than a flea to a hound. I’ve always regarded Browning BAR’s as the top dog of semi-autos that aren’t military and while you guys might not agree I just prefer a semi for woods hunting. Given the value of my Winchester I figured the BAR this fella was gonna offer was probably a bit beat up and a Portugal assembled piece, well I was wrong on both accounts. This fella pulls out an early Belgium mad Browning Safari grade 270 in great shape, with a nice Burris full field II 3-9x50. Needless to say I was tickled even though a .270 is not my favorite round I think I can grow accustomed to it, and since these posts are worthless without pics.......

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Six Pointer
Good for you. I had one just like that but in 30-06. I killed more deer with that gun than all others I’ve had combined. I got in a tight and had to sell it. Miss that gun!


Twelve Pointer
Gorgeous gun, my dad and grandpa each have one like that in .30-06. They are tack drivers when it comes to non-military semi’s.


Ten Pointer
Congrats! I too have a BAR .270 and love it. It's a straight-shooter and always cycles flawlessly. My wife and I both have killed plenty of deer with it out to 300 yards and I have as much confidence in it as any of my bolt actions.


Old Mossy Horns
I just bought my first BAR in 300 WSM. Haven't even pulled the trigger yet.
Post some pics I love BARs, also have a Camo stalker model in 308 and while its as accurate as the old Belgium’s it heats up and the grp will open up quicker. I don’t have any other .270s so I’ll have to pick up some to figure out what it likes but finding one that won’t group is rarer than finding a Rem 742/7400 that won’t jam.

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