New River Smallmouth


Six Pointer
The water has been too low for me to float for weeks now. I am planning a trip this Saturday and was just wondering if anyone has floated it lately in Ashe or Alleghany. If you have, where would you suggest I go.

Duckmauler dhc

Ten Pointer
You could go just across the state line to the independence area where the water is a little deeper. Or the fries area. Even at low water ive gone to those areas. Just be happy it’s low and clear and not high and red muddy like it has been constantly for the past 4 years


Six Pointer
What type watercraft you floating in? Even when the water gets skinny, a solo canoe, yak or small river toon can usually navigate the channels and current thats still there. Just takes a little more patience and time, but doable usually. May have to drag a couple flat sections but usually not terrible. Plus, it pushes the fish into the best deeper pockets....makes for some fantastic fishing!


Twelve Pointer
It's up compared to last month. Muddy for a couple days after that week of rain, but clear now.