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New Cast Iron


Four Pointer
Really nice jhw.

one other thing to keep in mind. After cleaning and When re-oiling for next use, make sure it is dry as you don’t want to trap water under the oil.


Six Pointer
We had a few pans and dutch ovens for a while now. Bought my wife a 16in dutch over last year then my great aunt passes and we got about 8-10 more pans and pots. Not a collector but we have plenty.


Four Pointer
Awesome Mr. Gadget, looks to be in good shape . I also have an earlier American model that we make sour dough waffles a few times a month on Saturday mornings. I once bought one similar to yours and during shipping it ended up cracking. Looks like the base might be another manufacturer or not original with the waffle iron, but works. I like the idea of the wire handle.
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