New camera thoughts?


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I'm considering adding a nicer camera to my army of GoPros. I am considering a Sony A6300 and think it would be a good fit for what I'm wanting. Mirrorless is smaller and this one supports 4K video and also has a moisture and dust sealed body. Any thoughts on this set up?


Old Mossy Horns
Can't speak to the model 3000 specifically, but I use its predecessor, the Sony NEX7 model and am very satisfied with it. Sony's 'mirrorless' design freed up space in the front of the camera body for adapters to be born that put all the old legacy lenses from closets around the world back in play...Canon, Nikon, Minolta, etc.

For me, that meant saving a lot of $$$...the inventory of Canon FD lenses I'd accumulated during film days of the 80's (and kept well stored since) suddenly all sprang back to life. They're still manual of course, but all of today's high tech auto-everything wasn't needed in the past and IMO, isn't 'needed' now.
Good luck...


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That's one of my main reasons why I'm looking at this option. I would
Like to supplement my GoPro footage with zoom