Never know what you’ll find in a fish


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My grandson caught his lifetime (so far) best largemouth bass today and wanred to keep it to eat

so we did

he helped clean it. When we pulled the guts, it had a rubber worm in its belly and throat and got cut in half when we cut the head off

My Grandson thought it was hilarious



A bunch of years ago at Clear lake, some kids caught a nice 5-6 lb largemouth. They wanted to eat it and were butchering the hell out of it with a dull boyscout knife. so I help them out, in the stomach was 4 senkos.


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Fishing Deer Croft years ago. Kept maybe 7 bass. 1 bass was passing a shank of a worm hook. Of those bass, all had 3 to 5 pieces of rubber worms. One had 7 pieces. Thought then, "How can they pass these rubber pieces? This ain't good.". Several of the pieces were faded.

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As a kid fishing with my Grandfather I caught a 4-5 pound bass that had a lure stuck in it's mouth. He had broken off my Grandfather about 5 minutes earlier. Strange to say the least....


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As a kid fishing with my Grandfather I caught a 4-5 pound bass that had a lure stuck in it's mouth. He had broken off my Grandfather about 5 minutes earlier. Strange to say the least....
Totally believe this. Last week, my buddy jerked a little hard on a crappie, and lost his 1/8oz jig. I was on the back of his boat, and got his jig (and fish) on the next cast

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As a kid fishing with my Grandfather I caught a 4-5 pound bass that had a lure stuck in it's mouth. He had broken off my Grandfather about 5 minutes earlier. Strange to say the least....

I’ve had this happen countless times over the years where I would break one off and then catch it a cast or 2 later with my hook in its mouth. Smallmouth are notorious for this.

Craziest thing I’ve ever seeen regarding this was on lake st clair a few years ago. I broke one off on a drop shot about 5 miles off shore in an area no one else was fishing. 2 days later we were fishing the same area and I caught the fish that broke me off. It was a 4 pound smallmouth that Still had my hook, weight and worm in its mouth. I know without a shadow of doubt it was mine because it was a very distinct type of bait only made here in Piedmont nc. Kinda crazy.


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set some crawfish traps years ago. Fished for bait. Caught a bowfin and when I cut into the stomach a 12" snake popped out. Dead but intact.
Caught a blue shark about 90 miles off the coast of Delaware that have 4 other hooks in it's mouth.


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I’ve done it several times with trout. The pics attached i caught the trout with the same rig my buddy broke off a couple week prior in Cherokee. He tried to grab the line on the rocks. You can see the hook/pink worm in the side of his mouth and he swallowed the same rig.
I have also had rods pulled out of the boat on lake Norman only to make another pass and hook the fish that pulled the rod out of the boat. Most of the time we hook the line and the hooks slides down to the fish but still what are the odds! I’ve pulled hooks,lures and all kinds of other random stuff out of fishes stomachs after fileting out of curiosity


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Years ago my Dad and I were fishing tidewater in Black River and noticed a Redwing blackbird fussing around it's nest in a cluster of cattails by the edge and a fish kept striking at the same area. I cast an old topwater lure where the action was and caught a 5 pound or so bass. When we gutted it I opened it up out of curiosity and found 7 (seven) blackbird shadows in it's stomach! :ROFLMAO:


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I set a couple of turtle hooks in a pond one day while I was fishing it and one was baited with a chicken neck. When I pulled the line in I had a about a pound largemouth that wasn’t hooked at all the chicken neck was crossways and lodged to where he couldn’t get rid of it.
One more was a smallmouth I caught years ago he had a crawfish pincher protruding from his arse and he was fat as mud. I had the fish mounted the taxidermist called me when he was doing it and told me it had 22 crawfish in its stomach.


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I was going fishing in the upper delaware river between NY and PA. Stopped in the local bait store and while talking to the guy at the counter, he opened the cooler an pulled out a frozen 4+ ft musky that had recently choking on a duck. The duck got stuck in it's throat. Surprisingly it was almost in it's stomach. The guy that found it was going to have it mounted. Kind of made me feel like less of a man asking for 2 dozen night crawlers.

Went on to catch numerous 3-5lb smallmouths on almost every cast. Drifting in a canoe, 1/2 night crawler, no weight, tossed out the side. Tried to mimic it numerous times but always came up short. Should have put a 12 inch rapala diving duckling lure on.


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Have retrieved several of my lures out of wahoo stomachs. We caught a mako in February blue fin fishing and looked like a hipster with lip rings. Had several circle hooks in its mouth probably from long liners, it left with one more in his jaw.


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Fishing in Maine last summer dad put rod in sand spike and walked down to talk to me. With his back to the rod I see it get hit and start bending over. By the time I got his attention it was in the water and getting pulled out, he couldn’t get to it on time. Second time that’s happened to him. First time he lost my rod over the side of the boat but was able to find it with striper still attached at low tide. Some people never learn!


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Just an odd fishing story. One Fall, I was fishing for bream with crickets below the Falls Lake dam and was catching on every cast. Down to my last half of a cricket, the bream I hooked came up with line over the bend of the hook. I grabbed the line and pulled a spinning rod up out of the water. I reeled up the line and there was a 4-5 pound carp still hooked on the other end. The carp must have pulled it over the deck rail some time before, because there was quite a bit of slime and silt on the rod & reel. I gave the carp, all the bream, and the spinning rod to an Asian guy there who wasn't catching much. He was overjoyed.