Needing some serious prayers please

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Well I go Monday to be put under and have an endoscopy done. If they see something they can fix they will at that time, if not at least they'll know what they're dealing with
Thank you all for keeping me and my family in your prayers

It's very frustrating not being able to really eat much and when I do I'm struggling to swallow. I've lost 21 lbs due to not really eating. I'm really hoping for some answers and solutions soon
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Thanks for all the continued prayers! I'm otw to have this procedure done now and quite honestly I'm very nervous bout it. Keep me in your prayers today I'd appreciate it
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Well I woke up from the anesthesia so that's a plus! Thanks for all the continued prayers. They stretched my esophagus and it should help my swallowing issues. Waiting on the results from the biopsys.
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went back to ortho surgeon today. I've been in a cast for over 8 weeks and my Achilles' tendon is not healing so I'm scheduled for surgery Friday. My tendons are weak and brittle due to being overdosed with steroids (for a lung infection) for way too long. If they get in and feel the tendons are suitable to be repaired they'll attempt to mend them. Then I'll be in a cast for another 6-8 weeks. Continued prayers greatly appreciated.
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Update... went for post op appointment. The surgery site looks good, I’ve got 4 more weeks in this cast and hopefully it’ll be off. Now for the bad. My left Achilles has torn more, and will likely need surgery as well. AND my marriage is severely suffering to the point my wife is telling my I have to get out since I can’t contribute. I’m not able to work and she knows it. I’ve always worked. Now trying to find sonewhere to move with my 3 kids when I can’t even walk is really tearing my nerves & spirits down.
No offense, but if your wife is quitting on you because you have health problems, she's garbage. You and your children deserve better than that. Surround yourself and your kids with love and support and everything else will work itself out.