Need Some Hike Suggestions


Twelve Pointer
Looking for some suggestions for a hike within an hour of High Point. I will have my son this coming weekend which is unusual, and I need to keep him occupied.

My son has autism, and is most comfortable at home with his mom and his sisters, but they are going out of town. He loves to get outdoors with me, in limited doses. We did Hanging Rock in the fall, but would like to try something different. Uwharrie maybe? He is fine with a few miles.

Any suggestions would be appreciated...


Four Pointer
I would try Little Long Mtn. In the Uwharries. Just under a mile to the top and the best view in the area. The trail shelter and spring are interesting. Look for the Joe Moffitt Trailhead


Eight Pointer
Eno river state park outside of Durham. Beautiful trails that are fairly easy. Miles of different trails to choose from. Best ones are along the river. Should also be plenty of other people out there. It's a hidden gem to the rest of the state. Locals love it.

If the river levels are right it's great to fish as well. Super healthy river with lots of bream and bass.


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Hanging Rock has several trails to explore. We hiked 5 miles there yesterday. Pilot Mountain is also a great spot. Stone Mountain SP and Lake Norman SP has good trails.


Ten Pointer
Not hiking, but you’ll walk plenty. My daughter is autistic (16 yrs old) and she enjoys the zoo. She loves science, so anything science, animal, reptile related and she’s good to go.


Twelve Pointer
All the trails at Morrow mountain are pretty simple and have great views. There is a nice picnic area and you can take your dishing rods and do a little fishing if you like.

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Button Buck
If he is up for the stimulation I second the zoo. Plenty of walking to wear him out and plenty to see. I don’t think people appreciate the treasure we have here in NC of the Asheboro Zoo.

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Button Buck
The ragsdale ymca also offers adaptive swim lessons for like $15. The swim instructors are trained in autistic swim lessons in particular. My daughter was one of those instructors and educated us on the importance of “drown proofing” those kids. Autistic kids are susceptible to drowning because of the sensation of going under water lessens the ambient noises and is comforting. Might be worth a call.

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