Need Remington info


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Got a trade offer I’m unsure about and figured I’d check in with y’all.
How desirable/in demand is a Rem 40x in 22-250? Condition is 95%-98% but the prices I’m finding are all over the place ($1200-$3400) so any help would be appreciated.
Doubt that I’ll be a fan of the 22-250 as I think it’s more for predator/varmint hunting so i wanna make sure it’s something that wouldn’t take forever to move

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Ten Pointer
If chambered for a "target" cartridge, they are pretty desireable.
But the 250 is a hunting cartridge, as you mentioned, and if it has standard barrel instead of heavy barrel, then its more apt to appeal to a hunter.
A heavy barreled version in a hunting cartridge is best suited for a western prairie dog shoot, where ya sit a while and don't tote it around IMO.
If you don't like it, you'd have better odds moving it on a nationwide list like gunsamerica or gunsinternational.


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It will nit be too hard to move for normal money. It will be hard to move for top dollar. Lots of folks still like to build off that 40x action.

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