Need Holiday Inn advice


Old Mossy Horns
Am heading down to NC on Sunday, planning right now on making it to Winston-Salem for the night and wanted to use my points for the free room, what Holiday inn should i avoid or would be deemed in an ok/acceptable area
I did see one for $95 a night and figure nope, not looking there

Also if anyone see's an F150 with a freezer in the back, give us a wave - Ontario license plate "DOBBERS" good chance thats me and the kid

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
If you're in Mt Airy and want a good snack, look at Coaches outside of town on hwy 52.
The appetizers are worthwhile, I recommend the salt and pepper catfish bites and the southwestern egg rolls.
Good cold draft too, decent prices.


Old Mossy Horns
Late to the party, but I'll second Childress's vineyard.

The food is good, and all my spooty friends like the wine selection available retail there (I'm kind of a fortified Marsala fan so my choices were limited.)

I wouldn't drive through any part of Winston that is commercial in nature without a gun, let alone stay the night.


Ten Pointer
13 bones is a good place to eat and discounts for vets, I have been know to pay for a meal or two . The fried mushrooms are really good.


Twelve Pointer
The kid is sold on the name alone of 13 bones for dinner

I'm a big fan of their blackened chicken with "tobacco strings."

I've had their ribs at the table, and at a catered event. At the table was way better.

My oldest son judges restaurants solely on how well they make a chicken sandwich. If it's great, he'll order something different next time. If not, he's not interested in eating there. It's been his favorite chicken sandwich, to date.


Old Mossy Horns
It seems like there is a shooting every day in the combined area of Winston-High Point-Greensboro so I'd stay away from those areas if I had to stay close by.

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