Need help pricing 2 Model 70s


Ten Pointer
Posting for a friend.

Both were bought at an estate auction and have not been fired since bought.

One with a wooden stock the other is synthetic. Both say made in new haven ct. Both in very good condition.

The wooden stock is a 7mm rem mag and has an 8 point 3x9x40 atop it. The synthetic is 30-06 and has a Nikon prostaff 3x9x50.

There is a scratch in the stock of the wooden one but otherwise both are beautiful guns. Any help pricing them for the classified section?

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77f150 beast

Six Pointer
Let me know what he/she gonna ask for the 7mm.I hate to put a price on something im interested in.If it makes a difference you can keep the scope.Thx


Old Mossy Horns
Actually you need to check both. I have a pre-64 I restocked with a synthetic so as to preserve the original one!


Eight Pointer
Start at $450 each , that seems fair.
I’d guess that you can get $450 for the wooden stock one, or close to it. Pricing the synthetic one at $450 won’t hurt, as its worth whatever someone is willing to pay right? But more than likely you’ll end up haggling a little lower on that one. I come across the synthetic ones in gun shops fairly often and usually see them around $350.


Twelve Pointer
What JJWise said, They both look like “Post-64” push feed actions. The market in general is soft but the last push feed I snagged was $325-350ish with shipping. Think the ‘53 308 FW I picked up for last season was $750 which is a steal. I paid slightly less for the Manners CF stock it’s waiting to wear. If I’m wrong and they are G code 5 digit classic actions you might get $5-650. Those are pretty desirable in standard (.308) bolt face. Chances are the wood one is 70s-80s and the other is a Shadow/Super Shadow but definitely worth verifying.


Twelve Pointer
A little less blurry today for some reason. The wood stock is CRF not push feed and with the knurled knob I’d say it’s a Classic not a Pre-64 but still worth more than a Push Feed. I’d say adding $200 is closer to top asking price and $100 is a fair/good deal for both sides.


Twelve Pointer
5 digit G code seems to be the preferred range, with 7 digits not as desirable but splitting hairs on a nice M70, 5 digit G code stainless .308 in walnut seems to be the unicorn.


Twelve Pointer
Should clarify that’s the late 90s-00s Classic Action so possible they changed the serial range for those, I’ve never had one but the CRF bolt and knurled knob say it’s a newer gun, the wood stock with ebony crossbolt reminds me of the 80-90s and I think Post-64 and Classic CRF had same footprint so could be someone liked the stock and dropped it in.


Twelve Pointer
My ‘53 .308 going out this week to get its new Manners EH2 bedded, just debating if spending the tariff on 1 piece metal is worth it. $350 for it in black finish if I grab the one I see available.