Need help picking


Ten Pointer
A local store is getting rid of lots of guns, and for some unknown reason i may need one. Decent prices from any searches i have done so now time to decide
Savage Axix xp 3006 comes with scope (didn't bother to look at make) for $560 Canadian or a Browning X bolt in 300 WM think it was about the same price but no optics
I can also wait and get a deal on a Tikka with Burris scope direct from the factory but don't know price other than cheaper than store bought

So looking to the wise gun folks here to help me decide


Old Mossy Horns
Of the two I'd go with the WM if you're not recoil shy. $560 much is that in real money?:LOL:


Eight Pointer
Where are you getting the Tikka from and how? I already have one but can never have too many.