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I know I forgot some people, please let me know if you want to be on the list and I will put you on the list.

The purpose of this thread is to give you quick access to a dog tracker in your area. Every NC tracker from the united blood trackers website is included on this list (except Cynthia Drake in Granville who will be referring calls to others this season), but there are others I have included who are not UBT members. You can still use the "Find a Tracker" feature on the UBT website as well. Some trackers charge, some take donations/gas money and some don't expect anything, many also have full time jobs, just be aware of that.

Remember there are a lot of scenarios in which a fatally hit deer is impossible to sight track, if you believe the deer may be dead, give a trained dog the opportunity to use his nose before you call off the search. Here are a few tips to improve chances for success with a tracking dog.

Kirk Vaughan - Rest in Peace
Mitch (aya28ga) 252-213-0037 Vance County
Jeffrey Annis (bowhuntingrook) 919-482-3002 Granville County and surrounding counties.
Craig Beachum 704-320-8883 Union County and surrounding counties.
Mason Johnson 828-612-1928 Caldwell County and surrounding counties.
Andy Thomas 828-640-8422 Caldwell County and surrounding counties
Eric Johnson 704-243-9156 Union County and surrounding counties.
Chris Jones 910-434-4390 Richmond County and surrounding counties.
Michael Gietl 757-328-0896 Bertie County and surrounding counties.
Jo DuBose 828-734-5425 Haywood County and surrounding counties.
Gerald Wayne Caulder II 910-206-0882 Richmond County and surrounding counties.
Jesse J. Houser 910-975-3984 or 910-428-3444 Montgomery County and surrounding counties.
David Chatellier 910-237-4439 Cumberland County
Mitchel Dickinson 252-213-0037 Warren County
Bradley Humphrey 336-301-6162 Randolph County
Ron Waters 919-921-0132 Wayne County
Josh Bergman 910-333-3343 Duplin County

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Yes, its getting to be that time again. I see Bowhuntingrook's got my contact info in his list and I'll help a hunter if I'm able, even though I haven't been working my dog like I should have during the off season.


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EDIT: 29 SEPTEMBER, 2018 My dog is not yet ready to track under hunting conditions. She is far too easily distracted. I was hoping to leave for NY tomorrow for a week of hunting, tracking practice and, hopefully, some real tracking with a friend who has a well trained older dog. An early season flu caused me to cancel that trip. I'll post back if/when things improve.

Sorry for any confusion.....


And I'm working with a now 6 month old dog in southwestern Stokes County a few miles from the Surry and Forsyth County lines. Although she will most likely not be ready for prime time until next season I'd appreciate getting some calls so she can get time on live deer instead of thawed out blood.....

Over the winter I'll be spending a few weeks with her in New York bowhunting in some urban/suburban/campus deer management programs where she will get the chance to track as many as 2-4 deer a night. In addition to any experienced dogs we usually have at least one younger dog handy and have an informal policy of letting the youngster track anything that goes over 60-80 yards. They really sharpen up quick under those conditions.

In addition to what's on the picture above I'd advise doing your best to track a few feet off the trail/bloodline to make it easier for the dog if you have to call one in and to avoid trampling the hit site more than absolutely needed. And please consider using biodegradable flagging tape for marking the trail. I keep a couple of colors in my pack (blue really pops regardless of the background). Here's where I get mine.

My thanks go out to all who are willing to help out fellow hunters. And if anyone is interested in getting together for training please let me know.

Lance Robson
(315) 374-3587
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Thanks Lance, don't know how far you are from me (Creedmoor) but I would enjoy a day talking dogs or picking your brain. Maybe setting a blood trail, I was at Cross Creek Outdoors today. You can see my pup on the ground in the back.

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Now, now, no picking on the Dachshund.

My last dog was a 6-1/2 pound short haired Dachshund. Blood tracking wasn't even on our radar when we got her. My wife wanted something small for a lapdog and I wanted something that would fit into the working farm menagerie. Maggie earned the nickname "Killer" as she didn't care that the bigger male groundhogs were all a lot bigger than her. She went down every groundhog hole she could find and ran off or killed a heap of them over the years. She hated the cold though so she had little utility as an upstate New York tracking dog once it started to get cold. She was game when it was warm, though....

Rook, you're likely about 2 hours (or bit less)from me which is kind of right next door. :) I'd love to get together sometime but if you want to pick my brain about blood tracking dogs we'll have a lot of time left over..... I spent a number of years working in fish, wildlife and habitat management and have taken a heap of deer but I am personally pretty new to tracking with dogs.

I know a number of experienced trackers in NY including some who've known the Jeanneneys for years but I've never met them myself. Although I've been around other folks tracking dogs a fair bit the pup I have now will be my first real tracker.

Rosie is a red tick coonhound who turned six months old today. She can still be pretty scatterbrained and I actually laid off training for a while to wait for her to be less flighty. My oldest son described her on a leash as "What's that!, what's that!, what's that! YOW!! Gotta pee!......What's that!, what's that!" I'm just about ready to start her again and would also like to team up sometime for training. I've still got several bottles of blood and a complete hide in the freezer.

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No Lee, this dog has like 6 inches of leg, he swims in 6 inches of water. Can't wait to track a deer at your place, even if it's an easy track for you, we'll put him on it. Stud dog was 22lb, bitch was 16lb. Cooper is 17 right now.

Yea Lance, the Dachshunds are something else. I'm new to it myself but have jumped all in like I do with most things. My dog is a Z-litter dog from the Jeanneney's. His name is Zach von Moosbach-Zuzelek, call name is Cooper. He's from the Tommy von Linteler-Forst and Uta von Moosbach-Zuzelek pairing that Cerri Faust co bred. I speak with Jolanta quite a bit, she is very serious about her dogs and really stands behind them.

Cooper is training me really. It's just hard to convince people in the south, that this dog is game, unless you show them. I don't blame them, a lot of guys around here grew up with deer dogs, so they don't understand the need so much, of a specialized tracking dog. It's just about educating the public and finding some deer. I'm actually going to order that biodegradable tape tonight.

And yes, the adolescent phase is tough from what I hear, I'm experiencing it now, this dog has a high pretty drive and will track and hunt anything. I just have to keep him focused so pretty much all were doing this year is strictly tracking, once he's out of adolescence I will let him run more rabbits and squirrels. He does associate his lead and vest with tracking, but if he jumps a rabbits he tries to go and loses focus for a minute

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Weather is changing, deer are moving, eastern gun is opening. Go to the woods knowing you have a tracking team you can call. If you question the shot, jump the deer or have trouble tracking due to weather, terrain or lack of blood. Know who the tracker is in your area.



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You just wait, bowhuntingrook; now that the weather has turned cooler, the hunting will pickup and you're going to start getting those calls at 8:00 pm.

If anyone calls me for help that's in your area, I'll refer them to you.
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Wish I could have picked his brain a lot more, when it came to tracking, if he spoke you listened. You can read as much as you want, but you can't come close to understanding it like his experience taught him to. He was a big part of the tracking community and raising awareness. It's a shame he's gone.

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I am new to this site and just wanted to thank some users. I had the pleasure of meeting bowhuntingrook and aya28ga this morning. I want to thank Jeff and Mitch for their time, effort, and willingness to help! Yesterday morning my son shot our target buck and although everything at the shot told me perfect hit, and knowing the way my son shoots, the sign and trail was saying otherwise. After an exhaustive search yesterday afternoon I contacted Mitch and Jeff and they agreed to meet this morning. Jeff's dog Cooper started at the site of the hit (with no sign) and within a few moments we were trying to keep up with him as he led us right into the woods where I suspected the buck went in and right down the trail of what little sign we did find yesterday. Cooper continued steady for at least 400-500 yds without hesitation in the pouring rain. If not for the property line and the consensus that we had a leg hit deer that we are fairly confident will not expire, Cooper probably would still be going. Unfortunately we did not find the deer but seeing Cooper work and leading us where the buck went gave me the reassurance of what I suspected from the sign we did have. This is the second time I was smart enough to call in a good tracking dog and both were successes as far as I'm concerned. I needed one in KY last year to find my target buck of 3 years when my arrow hit a little high and back. I am sold on a good tracking dog! If I ever have doubts about a hit in the future I'm backing out and calling a good dog in after the proper amount of time. I am convinced they will lead you to the deer if it's dead or at least give the best chance of finding it. I want to thank Jeff, Mitch, and Cooper again! I highly recommend giving them a call if needed. Outstanding Gentlemen!
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^^^thanks bud^^^

So me and Cooper have been on some very tough tracks lately, at one point 7 tracks in last 6 days, here's a picture of the find from one of them. I will be going on another track this morning.

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Be sure to hang on to that tracking unit this time!;)
I hooked it to the battery locking mechanism, I've since moved it to it's permanent position, where it should have been all along.

8 tracks in 6 days now Mitch, I'm actually gonna give dog some rest. He's done 30+ miles through brush and inside of front legs are rubbed raw, maybe from heavy cover, maybe from lead or vest. He's getting spoiled at home now and we've treated the abrasions.

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Another job well done Cooper.......... oh, year, Jeff, you go good holding the leash. I really love that little dog and I've never even seen him.
He really is a lover Lee, just don't take his deer. I noticed after the find and Cooper's psychotic I got to kill this deer antics. We were away from the deer and the hunter was hesitant to pet the dog. Made me smile, if you only knew the lap dog this little baby is lol

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^^^ Thats funny, Cooper tries to mess up every video I try to make. Its all good. I think everyone has really liked watching the dog work, I tried to do that track on FB live on the FB tracking page but didn't have cell service. We will get some more tracking vids.


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I really liked the way he gave mouth on the track. I have had 2 dogs in my years that I accidentally found out that they would track but neither would open. I had a short legged black and tan female that took me so far into a swamp one Sept. that I had to turn her loose just to get myself out. She kept going but I headed back to the truck. Nothing like 10 foot reeds and temps in the 70s to make you wonder what you are doing.
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24 hour old track, maybe 250 yards. 11 year old boy shot buck with his dad yesterday morning. He called and said there is some blood but they already jumped the buck twice, so they backed out and called me. Earliest I could get there was at the 24 hour mark. Started at first blood and Cooper was flawless, down and hill, check left, then check right across a creek then followed the edge tell he was able to take us 75 yards further then last blood with no blood we could see and found the deer on the creek bank. Was a low hit as you can see from the picture. IMG_20181111_101759718.jpg FB_IMG_1541955207454.jpg