NCH&F/DDC Meet,Greet and Eat March 2 7pm South Raleigh Golden Corral


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Admins, can we let this ride the board for a week or two before we pin it to the top?

It's that time again. I have reserved the private dining area of the Golden Corral at 3551 Grenelle St, Raleigh, NC 27603. It's just a short jaunt down the road.

I'd like to extend the invitation to everyone on the site especially newcomers and those long time members that participate on the board but never attend. Don't be anti-social. We haven't had a fight yet. I'm not calling anyone out but I personally know a bunch that live closer to the restaurant than I do that have never attended. Spend the day at the DDC and stop by for dinner before you head home.

There will be room for 60 so no need to count heads but, historically, we like posting whether we are attending and how many will be in or company. I hope to be there but I will also be a new grandpa so anything can happen.


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I'm hoping to be there again. Maybe I can find another something for a door prize drawing. Always a good time and worth the trip. It's only 60 miles for me.