NC State Trad 3D shoot

Bud B.

Eight Pointer
Looking for vendors.

Right now we have verbal commitments from

Mike Ballenger of 7 Lakes Archery
Mike Treadway of Treadway Bows
Bill Stroupe of Hawk Arrows and Cold Mountain Longbows
We have a phone call into Lee Hoots, maker of fine longbows.
Flint knappers and primitive skills folks are welcome to come to demonstrate their craft.

We are trying to talk BLOB Targets into coming up from Georgia. No commitment so far. :(

Blanket trade items are always welcome.

Bud B.

Eight Pointer
BLOB Targets has penciled us into their schedule. They will come if they have the inventory after attending prior shoot venues. It depends on whether or not they can resupply in between shoots.

I have their 40x40 target mounted in a treated frame-up.. It's a beast, but will last many years.


Bud B.

Eight Pointer
Our latest communication with Bill Stroupe of Hawk Arrows revealed he will not be attending. :(

Bud B.

Eight Pointer
So far, yes. I messaged Adam last night and his reply was he still had it on his calendar.

Bud B.

Eight Pointer
Call him. The price is different for delivered. Much better than shipped. I paid $130 for the 40x40x8 BLOB. To hae it shipped would have been pushing $300. It weighs close to 200lbs.


Twelve Pointer
I will probably ride up to pick up a blob target. all i got to shoot are compounds.

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Bud B.

Eight Pointer
Thanks to all who came out!

NC Traditional Bowhunter 3D Championship
Guilford Bowhunters
May 25/26 2019
40 targets

Men's Longbow

1 Lee Hinton 336
2 Brian Bishop 302
3 Wayne Olgesby 271
4 Robert Radford 266
5 David Malloy 262
6 Shawn Godfrey 261
7 Roger Smith 256
8 Cecil Sink 184
9 Mark Rickard 145
10 Darrell Wimberly DNS

Men's Recurve

1 John Winker 374
2 John Cagle 332
3 Roy Easom 317
4 Bud Blaylock 303
5 Donny Johnson 294
6 John Dailey 291
7 Geryl Gilbert 287
8 Marc Bishop 285
9 Michael Pridemore 274
10 Jonathan Christenberry 267
11 David Rudisill 266
12 Steve Spencer DNS
13 Ronald Beane DNS
14 Eric Branson DNS
15 Duke Grimstead DNS

Women's Longbow

1 Naomi Gilbert 209

Women's Recurve

1 Linda Graham 330


1 Harry Angel 310
2 Paul Reginaldi 309
3 Buddy Ford 266
4 Scotty Wagner 257
5 Tom Matherly 241
6 Michael Montgomery 166
7 Paul Mill DNS
8 Horace Shirley DNS
9 William Dula DNS


1 Aiden Pritchard 220


Hunter Bishop DNS

*DNS Did not score