NC Sports Hall of Fame. Finally a hunter gets inducted.


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This is well deserved. Congrulations to Eddie and all that he has done for hunting and fishing in North Carolina.

Eddie Bridges will be inducted into the NC Sports Hall of Fame. This is the first time in NC history that a hunter has been inducted. Eddie will be inducted along with Dale Earnhardt JR and other famous Sports Figures at the NC History Museum this May.

"Eddie Bridges: The work by Bridges in hunting and fishing as well as conservation has made him a national leader. He developed the “lifetime” hunting and fishing licenses in North Carolina, a program that since its enactment has raised more than $110 million. He has been a state leader in the acquisition, protection and conservation of wildlife game and fish resources and is a former chairman of the Game and Fish Committee of North Carolina’s Wildlife Resources Commission."

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He's a good man. He runs NC WILDLIFE Habitat Foundation. He does not take a salary. $100 lifetime memberships.


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I guess I am in the minority.. and I have nothing Mr. Bridges and I am sure he has done a lot for H&F in the state as referenced above.. but I guess I see a Sports HOF to be for competitive sports and I still don't agree that H & F are "sports" in that regard. If he was being inducted for his accomplishments in say Professional Competitive Fishing I would have no issue but that does not sound like that is the case.


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I disagree. Hunting is a sport. Should someone who won a Bronze Medal for Curling in the Winter Olympics be placed in over Eddie? NC Hall of Fame is about accomplishments in the Sport. He has done great things for the sport. How many college basketball players do you know that have raised 110 million to go towards basketball courts.
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Mr. Bridges is a fine man. Well deserved. Used to work with his son at the beach years ago. His dad being a member at Camp Bryan got me several invites there.