NC Restaurant / Bar Wings- Who do you recommend?


Six Pointer
My favorite wings are WINGMANS in Carrboro. Its a hole in the wall but I love the wings and the burgers are really good too!!!!

Heavenly Buffaloes on Franklin St in Chapel Hill is really good also and has a laid back atmosphere.


Staff member
10-4 don't understand any Korean so guess I would not follow.

they use English in some of them,,, so you'd be good,,, plus it's the rhythm not the words!!!

yeah right

hate asian pop music,,, give me a asian band covering zz top or something,,


Eight Pointer
If you want amazing chicken try Keatons Chicken. Its between Mocksville and Statesville and is quite possibly the best chicken I have ever ate. It is a hole in the wall type of place in the middle of no where. I stole the picture below from Google...

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Last time I was there, about ten years ago, you went in, ordered, payed, and sat down. After waiting 45 minutes, I asked for my money back. They kept stalling. Finally one hour after arriving I got my food. Never been back. I'm sure the food was good, but my aggravation put a bad taste in my mouth.


Old Mossy Horns
If you ever visit Holden Beach, I recommend Buffalo Hot Wings Cafe. We make sure to eat there every trip. I stay away from their hot though. They are scorching!


Eight Pointer
It's Just Wings in Charlotte. Not the best wings out there, but definitely better than store bought and pizza joints. I've only ever ordered them from Door Dash, but they've been good every time. Having them for a late lunch today :panic: