NC Restaurant / Bar Wings- Who do you recommend?

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Old Mossy Horns
I love wings and we go all over the state so anywhere you suggest would be appreciated.
Need suggestions like we get here on the forum for pig products. Please?

And I am sure all of you can produce better than any commercial establishment but am looking for places that serve the public.

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
Nic's Quik Pik,,,,,

Serving the best wings (and fried chicken) in Scotland, Robeson, and Marlboro counties,,,,,,,,, gizzards ain't bad neither
if their chicken is better than the convenience store right there on the beginning of four lane 501 in laurinburg i must get me some.
Oh wait that is Nic's, LOL I never knew its name (was looking it up when i started post) just it's chicken. it is an Every trip stop for me on my way for turkeys or the beaches.
Love that place.


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if their chicken is better than the convenience store right there on the beginning of four lane 501 in laurinburg i must get me some.

that one is about 15 minutes from my house,,,
they all good - the one in Wagram is an adventure,,, but the food is good
not all of them have kitchens,,, I don't darken the door of a nics with no Kitchen!

we have to buy some chicken, freeze it, and take it to our daughter in Mississippi every trip,,, it reminds her of "home"

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Someone mentioned Ronnies in Clemons. Definitely one of the best and have been around for at least 25yrs. Their pizza is incredible too.


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Is MR Wings still around in that area.
I remember going there several times. Good stuff but years back. Their hot wings are a new level of hot!

Never heard of Mr. Wings. There used to be an East Coast Wings in Cary that had a large selection of flavors. I was working my way through the list when they closed.


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If you want amazing chicken try Keatons Chicken. Its between Mocksville and Statesville and is quite possibly the best chicken I have ever ate. It is a hole in the wall type of place in the middle of no where. I stole the picture below from Google...



Old Mossy Horns
If you ever eat at mi casita Mexican restaurant in Fayetteville try their wings on the gringo section of the menu, they are awesome


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O Malleys in Cullowee had a pretty good wing night when I worked out there a couple years ago. There was a place in Asheville I really enjoyed. Tried to look it up for you but none of the names rang a bell. Maybe you other western dudes can chime in . Ain’t eaten down there in 2 years


Old Mossy Horns
There's a good takeout wing place in Montford in Asheville- can't remember the name. Its in a gas station.

East Village Grill in Asheville also has decent wings


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Tipsy Tomato at The Mills in Rocky Mount. Pizza and Wing place. Go early because they sell out of wings fairly quick if it's a Friday or Saturday.