NC HS Football


Frozen H20 Guy
Way late in posting this but oh well.

Cousin Tom's son is a starter on his varsity HS football team (Hough). He's done very well over the years, this being his SR year.

He was/is the only diaper I have ever changed in my life.

Right now, he stands nearly 6'3", 285 pounds, and has to shave.

Last week, I went to his game, vs Mallard Creek, the #1 ranked team in NC. They got blown out by them just weeks before, but Cousin Tom said this was a winnable game for Hough. It was FREEZING cold, and raining, but the Hough parents and fans were probably as numerous as Mallard Creek. It was close for a while, but in the 4th quarter, Hough pulled away for the underdog win.

Tonight, they play Vance, another team they had previously lost to, but they have confidence now.

If I understand correctly, if they win tonight, they play for the ring next.

Lots of buzz in my family!

The kid had colleges coming to see him, but earlier this year he told his coaches and his dad he didn't wan't to ball after HS. His dad is cool with his decision and won't push him.

I hope they win tonight (trying to find a way to get updates online), even though it means I'll likely have a housefull next week!

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Old Mossy Horns
Hopefully the young man will end the season on a good note.

My high school had a big kid that was looking to play anywhere he wanted to. He never stepped on the field his senior year. His mother said it was the best thing that he done once they got over the shock and let down.