NC Black Duck study …informative


Eight Pointer
The like above will get you to a YouTube webinar study done in part by the NCWRC and other agencies. The two head biologist (Doug Howell and Daniel Lawson) discuss all things about breeding black ducks, their range, habitat, hybridization and other issues they face here in NC. I found it very interesting and worrisome all in the same as loss of good nesting habitat along with cross breeding with game farm mallards has threatened both the pure black duck and wild mallard species as a whole.

It’s a rather long presentation but worth watching. Doug is a dedicated and well respected, knowledgeable waterfowl biologist that has worked extensively on many waterfowl issues (inc. Mattamuskeet) in his career. He’s always offered his help to anyone with questions about waterfowl management for the asking.


Old Mossy Horns
Didn’t have time to listen to it, but I’ve known Daniel for a few years. He got his undergrad at tennessee and helped me a few times with some fisheries research. I can remember when he got accepted for grad school. He was fired up. He’s a helluva duck hunter too.