Nature boy in the ER....


Twelve Pointer
Wrestling ain't the same now, especially when I grew up where they actually wrestled for
60 minutes, today is a lot of talk and drama.
"Actually wrastled"..really. Lol. Was a lot of talk and drama then. Only time I saw it was when channel surfing, stopped, briefly, laughed, and kept on surfing.


Eight Pointer
I'm talking "wayyy" back, 50's-60's & 70's.
Yep, still a lot of showmanship but they actually worked up a sweat in the ring doing more than flapping their gums. I remember when they use to come to "events" set up for one night in 1a school gymnasiums. Some of them went on to become big names once the TV deals picked up. Pretty sure the nature boy was one of them.


Old school wrestlers were the best like during Dusty Rhodes ,Road Warriors days but Stone Cold Steve Austin was the most fun to watch kick a@@ and could talk more crap than anyone ever.