Nature and forest therapy


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So, I am prepping to help a small business with some challenges, and learned this,,, it's a "thing" this "Nature and Forest Therapy" and folks get paid to take people to the woods for "therapy",,,,

I thought it was called "goofing off" and "hunting",,,,,

no wonder I am so healthy and level headed bwahahahahaha

Nature and forest therapy is an evidence-based framework for accessing the therapeutic benefits of immersion in natural environments.
Empirical research across the globe demonstrates a wide range of benefits of forest therapy, including:
  • stress reduction
  • reduced incidence or severity of depression, anxiety disorder, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • lowered heart rate and blood pressure
  • accelerated recovery from illness and surgery
  • improved sleep
  • improved mood and sense of well-being
  • increased feelings of gratitude, selflessness, and wonder


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“Bathing” huh? I reckon you’d have to do that naked? Hasn’t gotten real cold yet but my stands on the mountain have been right at 20 at first light… bypassers probably wouldn’t get too awfully offended that that temperature. 🧑‍🚒


Old Mossy Horns
I am sure you know where plenty are but if you don't I know where some gallberry flats are that they can start on before you send them in some real heads for some major therapy. LOL