Nascar is dead....

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the reason was even though the caution was waving everybody that had gotten lapped was flying trying to catch the leader who would slow down waiting for the pace car to pick him up...if the recently lapped cars could get by him before he got to the pacer they got the lap back...most time the leader would slow down and let them pass...gentleman's agreement....thats where lucky dog and wave around was born
Agree. I was an avid fan back then. I was watching the race in question.

I also previously saw Dale J. do the same thing getting a lap back.
He just got scared when they went down both sides of him.
He started crying and crying about it and never would shut up.
So, they changed the rule. It hurt racing in my opinion.


Old Mossy Horns
Heres a good example....dale is a lap down, rusty leading...he comes down on the apron to get past rusty and gets his lap back while wrecked cars are still on the track....its just the way it was back then......

Funny you posted that clip, I just seen the same clip last night, and don’t know where I seen it. Racing was a lot wilder back then, no question about it.

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Old Mossy Horns
So they said the Cali race was sold out today. If thats the case, it's cause they only sold every 4th seat. Place looked empty on TV.


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Alot of tickets are bought by corp sponsers and given out to employees and such...some come some dont but they are sold tickets....freaky weather out there this weekend....first recorded snow since 1989....also last race at this track...tearing it down next week....


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Not a bad race. I guess I don’t care for the track because of its location!! Stands nowhere close to being full. The other drivers messed up letting kb get the win this early. They better look out now!