Nags head in April


Four Pointer
Posting for a friends friend who is vacationing. I don't do any surf fishing really so was wondering if anyone had tips, pointers, or info. He is coming mid April and was wondering what to do, where to fish, and whats around. I figured just shrimp and target docks or rocks should do the trick for something to bite. any info or pm would be appreciated for him.

All Pines

Eight Pointer
Bottom rigs, blue rigs, fish finder rigs, the point and Oregon inlet...fresh shrimp and mullet for bait...keep a few rods working with circle hooks


Eight Pointer
Should be good in April. Big blues might be around along with big drum and most other good eating fish that time of year. All Pines covered it all as far as the gear. A little bit of everything for fish big and small.